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Nurmes Summer Academy and Summer concerts July 4 - 12 , 2020

Thank you for your registration to Nurmes Summer Academy!

Dependent on Corona pandemy we still have to wait governmental instructons for hygiene and distances of accommoodation and meal arrangements. In Finland the limitations of Corona are still valid, but at the same time limitations are relieved. 
We expect covernmental quidance in the end of May. It is still possible that regardless to us we have to cancel the Music Academy 2020. We'll inform you as soon we have more information. We'll do everything we can to arrange the course.

THERE IS STILL FEW PLACES IN CERTAIN INSTRUMENTS (piano, viola, harpsichord, organ, kantele) so WE CONTINUE THE ENROLLMENT UNTIL MAY 31st. Due to the exceptional circumstances with the Coronavirus, our cancellation policy has been modified; cancellation is cost free.

Thank you for you patience,
Personnel of Nurmes Summer Academy and Savonlinna Summer University


"Hope is a waking dream."



As we live in a time, where the future is darkened by threats and the responsibility of humankind’s future is weighing down our shoulders, it’s vital for hope to take root in our minds. Because only by hopeful minds, we can collectively find ourselves making the responsible choises for our shared future. 


But can hope be reached without, from time to time, falling into hopelessness? 

Is optimism only false self-deception?

And how to maintain faith for the future? 


Arts play a monumental role as a startling and motive force of emotion. Music pierces our every sense and forces us both to be present, and at the same time, to reach for the ends of our imagination. 

The historical wonders mankind has created in the field of music have the power to make us both astonished and hopeful. 


The 2020 programme of Nurmes Summer Academy spins and swirles around the theme of hope. The festival is once again accompanied by a wonderful set of artists. In addition to the musical elements, the festival week with showcase a Duncan McMillan monolog ”Every Brilliant Thing”, which will be exquisitely rendered by actor Kimmo Hirvenmäki. The monolog tells a story about a boy who, after nearly losing his mother, creates a list of things worth living for. 


Nurmes Summer Academy radiates with hope and optimism, as dozens of musical students filled with energy, wisdom of the youth and thirst for talent, gambol through the festival! 


A warm welcome to our merry lot! 

Anna Laakso, artistic director for summer 2020


P.S. Pianists Tuija Hakkila and Anna Laakso are artistic directors of Nurmes Summer Academy and Summer concerts. They take turns of being in duty every other year.