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Nurmes Summer Academy 30.6.-8.7.2018


If you are a classical music lover and have a passion for music, come and listen to the Summer Concerts taking place in Nurmes, in Eastern Finland! Top musicians are performing live music throughout the festival week in local venues, concert halls, and churches. If you have not yet experienced live music performed at a cottage, in the forest or at a bar, Nurmes is the place to attend!

If you are currently a student majoring in music, the Nurmes Music Summer Academy offers an exquisite opportunity featuring the festival artists to further enlighten your musical craftsmanship. You may participate in the masterclasses, play chamber music with your friends or artists, and explore the workshops at the summer academy. Be prepared to experience a refreshing summer under the midnight sun!

For those who plays an instrument as a hobby,  we also have a tailored plan for you to refresh your playing skills and perhaps upgrade them to the next level! Find out more information about our "amateur plan" and enroll in the music course and workshops!
Come and join our time-travel journey to explore the best music of different periods! Nurmes is waiting for you! 
Tuija Hakkila and Anna Laakso share the alternating title of artistic director in the Nurmes Summer Academy and Summer Concerts